Old Betto's Map - The Fifth Day

Experience awards

Day 5
Interaction: Pick up companion Betto (125 xp)
Reach the Muddy Hole
Descend into the Broken Mine
Exploration: The Worg Pens
Combat: Four Worgs (400 xp)
Set up ambush
Battle of the Broken Mine
3 (2?) Split Combats: 9 hobgoblins, 2 worgs (1100 xp)
Exploration: The Kitchens (125 XP)
Combat: 2 giants (1400 xp)
Achievement: Liberty Before Death! (500 xp)
Short rest
Exploration: The Giants’ Forge (250 xp)
Combat: Kurtlak and Tuk (1550 xp)
Short rest
Achievement: Buy a New Life! (500 xp)
Achievement: Giants No More (500 XP)
Exploration: The Nascent Heart (250 XP)
Achievement: Parlay in the Bear’s Den (500 XP)
(very) Long Rest

7,200 XP today
1,800 XP per character
4,158 XP total per character this adventure
(each PC should now have 5,058 XP)


Meshon Meshon

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