Old Betto's Map - The Fourth Day

Experience awards

Defeat the wasps (450 xp, combat remainder)
Find the Corrupting Crystals (75 xp, discovery)
Find the Hewn Pool (75 xp, discovery)
Find the Entrance to the Stalagmite Maze (75 xp, exploration)
Find the Ethereal Grotto (75 XP, exploration)
Battle the phase spider (700 XP, combat)

(xp was awarded here to reach level 4)

Kill a shrieker (10 xp) and observe the explosive properties of a gas spore
Exploration: the Overgrown Pool (125 xp)
Combat: Thursir zombie and 4 violet fungus (650 xp)
Short rest
Exploration: Mushroom forest (125 xp)
Discovery: Giant’s tracks (125 xp)
Discovery: Fungus Folk tracks (125 xp)
Exploration: The Muddy Hole (125 xp)
Exploration: The Deep Meld (125 xp)
Exploration: The Mysterious Door (125 XP)
Exploration: The Explorers’ Circle (125 XP)
Discovery: The Fungus Folk’s Mission (250 XP)
Long Rest

3,360 XP today
9,435 XP (2,358 xp per character) this adventure

Each character should have 3,258 xp (if my calculations are correct)


Meshon Meshon

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