Old Betto's Map - The Third Day

Experience awards

Pass the Pit of Knives (225 xp, difficult obstacle)
Millitaur lair (175 xp, combat avoided)
Discover and successfully investigate the Abandoned Orc Redoubt (150 xp, significant discovery)
Fractured Labyrinth explored (150 xp, achievement)
10:50 Gorias retrieves his rope from the pit
Discover telltale signs of large creatures (75 xp, simple discovery)
The Verdant Sink (75 xp, simple discovery)
Battle a horde of fire beetles! (150 xp combat)
Find the Walled Terrace, a zone entrance (75 xp, simple discovery)
Battle the Lords of the Rills (900 xp, combat)
Discover the Hidden Flowstone Passage (75 xp, simple discovery)
Find the Swift River (75 xp, simple discovery)
Cross the river successfully (400 xp, dangerous obstacle)
Find the ooze-slain orc (75 xp, clue/discovery)
Find the Butterfly Collection (75 xp, wonder/discovery)
Discover the hidden passage to the Fungal Deeps (150 xp, significant discovery)
Discover the Connection to the Glittering Halls (75 xp, simple discovery)
Battle the Thursir giant (700 xp, combat)
Battle the three grey oozes (300 xp, combat)
Discover the Insectoid Battleground (75 xp, simple discovery)
Fight 2 giant spiders (400 xp, combat)
Find the orc corpse and its note (75 xp, clue/discovery)
Destroy the spiders nest (150 xp, achievement)
Hide from giant wasps (150 xp, combat avoided)
4675 xp today
1168 xp per character


Meshon Meshon

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