Old Betto's Map - The Sixth Day

Experience awards

Enter the Stalagmite Maze
Encounter with Blackboots: The Halfling’s Bond (275xp)
Combat: Javelin the Wraith (1,800 xp)
Exploration: Fardan’s Rise (125 xp)
Combat: Wight and 5 zombies (950xp)
Combat: Pelartir, the flameskull (1,100 XP)
Short Rest
Exploration: Pellam’s Glade (250 XP)
Achievement: The Adventure’s Fate (500 XP)
Reach the door to the Underquarry
Exploration: The Stonecarver’s Village (250 xp)
Reach the exit
The Rise of the House of Bournemort: (1,400 xp)

6,650 xp earned on day six
1,663 xp per character
Each PC should now have 6,721 xp, and has reached 5th level!


Meshon Meshon

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