Faria Mistborn


Faria Mistborn (female elven noble)

Faria is an enigma. She appeared in the arid markets of Elion, dressed in impossibly fine garments dragging a cart of fabulous items. But rather than sell them, she distributed them seemingly at random to both beggars and princes. She quickly established herself as a honest broker with a deep knowledge of human history. Friendly and widely loved for her easy smile and kind words, the Red Door trade house hired her as an associate. While conducting her duties assiduously, she also found time for endless charitable activities and indulging her insatiable thirst for human history.

Despite Faria’s open manner, no one knows much about her. Those closest to her know that she looks for a mysterious human city, Barrowmir. But she knows only the name. Nothing else. She is eager to know more about the city and carries what she claims is a relic from it, a simple ceramic lamp bearing the image of a woman with many appendages, nearly worn away. Most who see it think it to be a demon. She claims that her parents gave her the lamp centuries ago when she was still a child, an ancient artifact from one of their trips, along with the mysterious name of the city. .

Though she arrived with Gill’s Trade Party, Faria has no official role in it. But as his superior within the House, she does occasionally take control of his resources for her mysterious purposes, much to his embarrassment and consternation. And any discoveries he reports about Dhalev-gnar must go to her first, even before Gills can see them.

Faria arrived in Ramsditch with dozens of large clay tablets. These exhaustive records of deposits and withdrawals from a storehouse in Dhalev-gnar were fired, possibly in the ultimate destruction of the city. As Faria will eagerly show to anyone interested, the tablets provide very detailed accounts of the economic activity of this storehouse, covering seven years. One line in the midst of the thousands of entries reads “Barrowmir (in) – 175 amphorae of wine”.

Faria Mistborn

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