Gorias Daor

A self-proclaimed defender of Ramsditch, Gorias uses his martial training to ensure the town's citizens are safe against the wilds.


Personality Traits

  • I am practical
  • I am a born leader
  • I am direct
  • I enjoy competition


  • Love of Home: I act for the benefit of my community.


  • I will stamp out chaos in my small corner of the world.


  • I am overconfident and become rigid when faced with crisis

Current Major Goal

  • Gorias wants to enact his plan for a safer Ramsditch

Rewards that Interest Gorias

  • better training for the town guard
  • a proper wall around the town
  • martial trainers to teach the guard
  • 700 gold to hire effective mercenaries to clear the beastly and monstrous swathe of good farmland reaching north of the town.
  • high quality weapons and armour for the town guard
  • magical armour and weapons for himself, esp. the fabled Hawkblade.

Trained Soldier
After the invasions, and abduction of his sister, Gorias left Ramsditch to learn the ways of the soldier at the Academy of Swords in Merinburgh. There he excelled at his studies, learning the way of the shield and longsword. He is a highly trained warrior, and his training gives him advantage over the town’s militia guard.

Inspired to Protect
Gorias is committed to protecting those who cannot protect themselves. The abduction of his sister drives him to ensure others do not suffer similar fates.

History of Violence
Shortly after the invasions, and before his training at the Academy, Gorias turned to drink and fighting. An angry heart beat in his chest, and he raged and drank and raged again. The discipline instilled in him by the trainers at the Academy of Swords prevents him from acting on the rage that still smolders.

Gorias makes his money as a carpenter. He is a good project planner and leader, and though his work lacks finishing polish, it is always well done.

Gorias Daor

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