Lugburr "Lucky" Stonegarden

Mayor of Ramsditch


When the orcs moved south from the wastes, most merchants abandoned Ramsditch for richer prospects. While his peers evacuated, Lugburr Stonegarden consolidated, using his skill at forging alliances to bring the diverse folk of this frontier town together. He is patient and careful, and his stewardship has seen the town move from bleak devastation to tenacious self-sufficiency in less than a decade. What little trade the town sees is thanks to his hard work, and he is always on the lookout for ways to improve the life of his people.


Charisma is the Key
A childhood injury robbed Lugburr of the use of his left hand. The injury hampered his ability to pursue the “normal” things that young dwarves are expected to pursue. Unable to smith, mine, or craft, and with little inclination towards study, Lugburr instead learned how to manipulate others. As a young adult, Lugburr was popular with his peers, but his tendency to outsmart and outmaneuver others socially resulted in few close friends. Unsure of his place in Granitehold, Lugburr struck out into the human barony to make a life for himself. He soon found his ability to manipulate could also be used to inspire, and when the opportunity came to lead the recently ravaged town of Ramsditch, he put his skills to use.

Lugburr "Lucky" Stonegarden

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