Orin Halfek

A good natured devout of Thum, Orin desires to show the world the wisdom of the ancient primals.


Personality Traits

  • I am an optimist.
  • I resent complaining
  • I am emotional
  • I am kind


  • Sage’s Obligation: I must use my power for the well-being of others.


  • I will increase Thum’s power and presence in the world.


  • I sometimes judge others harshly; I act impulsively in situations where I have been deceived

Current Major Goal

  • Orin wants to build a temple to Thum in the town of Ramsditch

Rewards that Interest Orin

  • a plot of land in Ramsditch
  • labour from stoneworkers and carpenters
  • stone and wood to build the temple
  • 1000 GP worth of raw gems
  • a jewelcutter/artist to fashion a small statue of Thum from raw gems
  • to find Thum’s Finger

Religious Scholar
Orin began his adulthood as a scholar in the dwarven city of Granitehold. The library in Granitehold is one to the best in the civilized world. Orin took a keen interest in religious tomes espousing the power and tenets of gods long forgotten. His interest in the text remained secular until. bound within a bool extolling the virtues of an elven god of wine, he found another book altogether. The Teachings of Thum was a fourteen page handwritten account of an elder elemental being. Written in a strange tongue resembling a mixture of dwarven and primordial – the teachings contained vivid descriptions of a cataclysmic event on the elemental planes. tbc
True Believer
Noble Blood
Resentful Blacksmith

Orin Halfek

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