Rygar "Gills" Sunstrider


Rygar “Gills” Sunstrider

Rygar is a native son of Ramsditch. Despite his low station in life as the son of a drover, he was an ambitious soul zealous in his pursuit of wealth and status. But the closed ranks, rigid hierarchy and provincialism of Ramsditch proved an obdurate obstacle to his schemes. In particular, the doughty townsfolk found mirth in his doughy body, soft hands and red jowls, so much so that he could never escape his nickname, “Gills”.

Eventually Gills left the provincial Ramsditch on a rare trade caravan for exotic cities and glittering empires. Through rough journeys and painful lessons, Gills found a home in the kingdom of Elion, his anonymity and drive now potent weapons in the freewheeling city. Eventually his work caught the attention of a powerful Trade House, which he joined as a Lesserman.

Armed with the resources of his mighty patron, Gills has recently returned to Ramsditch, dressed in ostentatious and alien garb so as to be scarcely recognisable, though the red jowls remain. The southern lords have developed an insatiable appetite for esoterica from the northern lands, especially the lost kingdom of Dhalev-gnar, long rumoured to lay in ruins far north. The head of a Trade Party, Gills has promised his exacting masters that his local contacts and knowledge will reveal to him the hidden location of the ruins and its unlooted treasuries.

Rygar "Gills" Sunstrider

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