Tanith of Dragonholme


Tanith is a handsome woman in her mid 50s, with weathered skin, mighty thews, and long white hair in a thick braid.


“I am the minor child of a minor house.”

Tanith is the second daughter and fifth child of an ancient, yet impoverished noble family from the kingdom of Thalos. Her proud family’s arid and mountainous lands, Dragonholme, produce little. But for centuries her ancestors have protected the mountain passes from their citadel.

As the youngest child with little hope for the throne, Tanith fulfilled the role of the family’s treasurer for much of her life, though she was trained as a soldier like all the family, to help hold the desperate line against the malicious forces of neighbouring Acheron.

Over the years, her siblings and their children faded from the world. As she entered her fifth decade of life, her brother began to groom his daughter for the throne. But he feared that Tanith’s presence threatened his daughter’s claim to the throne. Tanith agreed and for the good of the family went into self-imposed exile.

So she packed her arms and armour, and traveled to foreign lands. She joined several mercenary companies but often found their aims and means to be unsettling, encountering only thugs and malice. Seeking to put good into the world, she decided to found her own mercenary company. Covering her family’s well known crest with thick black paint, she set about assembling the Black Shields.

She has traveled to Ramsditch hoping to collect the remnants of the Iron Suns into her company.

She enjoys philosophy and wine.

Tanith of Dragonholme

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