Raised to be a hallowed member of the Emperor’s Golden Immortals, Shadow’s early life was dedicated to his training. Though he met all the challenges with unwavering determination (even the Silent Oath, in which his tongue was removed), he balked at the final rite, the Sacred Loss (castration). Aided by the aged priest of Iron Sulum who was to perform the castration, Shadow fled the imperial capital for the remote provincial city of Dakang. There, he joined the Iron Suns to escape the Emperor’s agents.
Personality Traits

  • I don’t like to bathe
  • I eat like a pig
  • I drink too much


  • I help those who help me – that’s what keeps us alive.


  • I owe a debt I can never repay to a person who took pity on me.


  • I never fully trust anyone other than myself.
  • I let my love of the drink overwhelm my prudence

Current Major Goal

  • Determine the origins of Antimé’s swords

Rewards that Interest Shadow

  • wine
  • beer
  • rum
  • the bindings of Shen Yu


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